1. The Rules contained herein apply to the game of the Pink Lotto products which is operated within the borders of Zimbabwe. The rules are governed by The Lotteries & Gaming Act and The President’s Fund Trust. A copy of the Act and Terms and Conditions can be obtained by calling Customer Support at The PINK LOTTO Head Office. These Terms and Conditions apply to every person who is involved in playing the products of PINK LOTTO.
  2. By purchasing a PINK LOTTO product and paying the relevant ticket price, the player agrees to be bound by the TERMS & CONDITIONS and the Game Rules.
  3. The cost of the tickets are set by the Operator and may change from time to time.
  4. No person under the age of 18 may purchase a Pink Lotto product OR claim a prize.
  5. An individual may purchase as many Lotto tickets as desired. Every ticket must be paid for in money or legal tender in Zimbabwe.
  6. A person who enters the game must retain the computer – generated ticket or computer-generated receipt. Prizes will only be paid against production of the original ticket as registered on the main computer records or in the case of On Line tickets, prizes are paid back into the account which originated the ticket purchase.
  7. Winning selections can be in any order or as stipulated in the game rules.
  8. Major Winning tickets must be presented to a LOTTO agent or outlet or to the Service Provider’s Head Office within 30 days of the draw date in order to secure a prize. Any prize not claimed within 30 days of the draw date for that game is forfeited and shall be used by the operator as it sees fit.
  9. Major Prizes will be paid within 7 Days of the ticket being validated and processed on the central gaming platform and all necessary security checks being completed.
  10. The Pool Prizes will be set by the Service Provider in its sole discretion and published in the individual game rules.
  11. The Service Provider of LOTTO, reserves the right to:
    • Operate one or a variety of games.
    • Change the game or any part of it.
    • Publicize the name, address and photograph of any of the winners.
    • Declare that any portion of the pool must be won.
    • Determine in which legal tender the prize should be paid.
    • Pay Tier 1 prizes through electronic funds transfer.
    • Determine whether or not to honor a ticket that is torn or defaced on its most critical features such as the barcode or LOTTO numbers played.
  12. The Service Provider will;
    • Make available the winning numbers of each game after the each draw.
    • Make available the estimated or guaranteed amounts for the tier 1 prizes in each game.
    • Make available any changes to the game or to the rules.
  13. The President’s Fund, the Service Provider, PINK LOTTO agents, their employees and servants shall not be liable if payment is made to a person who is not the valid holder of the ticket. No claim for a prize or refund will be recognized in respect of a lost, damaged or mutilated ticket.
  14. Neither the President’s Fund, nor the Service Provider shall be held liable for any loss or damage sustained by any person whomsoever as a result of the operation of the PINK LOTTO and no claim of any nature whatsoever may be made against the President’s Fund or the Service Provider arising in any manner whatsoever from the operations of LOTTO whether through themselves, or their employees, or Agents, or whether arising from allegations of negligence, whether gross or otherwise, or any other alleged act or omission, or from any cause whatsoever.
  15. In the event of any PINK LOTTO draw being abandoned due to failure of the LOTTO system or for any unforeseen circumstances or act of God, the Service Provider and the draw is unable to be concluded at a later time frame, shall refund all tickets purchased on that respective product draw game at invested value.
  16. Prizes won by non-residents will be subject to the restrictions of the Zimbabwe Exchange Control Regulations. Neither the President’s Fund nor the Service Provider will make any representations of any nature whatsoever in respect of the validity of such prizes.

  18. Terms and Conditions (as will appear on the BACK OF tickets):
    • Players must be 18 years or older to play or claim a prize
    • Ticket may only be cancelled at the agent where it was purchased or before the draw closes.
    • Winning ticket must be presented to a LOTTO agent or outlet within or the PINK LOTTO Head Office within 30 days of the draw in order to secure a prize. Game Rules are available for viewing at all Pink Lotto Retail Outlets on request.

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