No Player or Retailer/Agent shall enter into any special agreement for an Entry in the Draw outside the method of Entry as determined by the PINK LOTTO from time to time. Methods on how to play the Pink Lotto Lottery Games are stated in the Game Rules.

A ticket shall constitute prima facie evidence only of the placing, existence, terms and details of a LOTTO entry, and is issued subject to the Rules. The player may specifically select six numbers or receive a selection of six numbers randomly generated by a computer.

The machine used for the draw will ensure that, six numbers plus an additional (seventh or bonus number) are randomly chosen from the forty-five (45) numbers available. The independent Auditors will check these balls and machine before every draw, to satisfy themselves that the draw is fair and random.


Except as otherwise dealt with in the Game Rules, a Ticket may be cancelled if it:

  • Has been issued in error; or
  • Is illegible; or
  • Is incomplete.

Ticket falling within the terms of point (1b) above may only be cancelled if it is returned to any PINK LOTTO Lottery Terminal within 30 MINUTES of the time when it was purchased. If the Terminal cannot read the Ticket, the Retailer may call the Retailer Helpline for further assistance. On cancellation of a Ticket the Participant will receive a refund and may purchase a new Ticket.

The only conclusive evidence of the placing, existence and terms of a LOTTO entry or of its cancellation shall be the Pink Lotto’s main computer records, the information contained in which computer record shall override all other evidence represented by and contained in a ticket.

Tickets purchased through online platforms such as website, SMS, USSD and mobile app shall not be cancellable.


It shall be the sole responsibility of the Player to ensure that at the time of purchase,

  • valid Ticket is issued to him/her.
  • Should a Player elect to enter a specific draw, such Player must verify at the time of the issuance of such Ticket that the numbers selected by the player correspond with the numbers that appear on the Ticket. The player must also ensure that a legible barcode or serial number appears on the Ticket. Neither The PINK LOTTO nor any authorized Retailer will be responsible for any loss of whatever nature suffered or incurred by any person as a result of any such details and information as aforesaid not appearing on a Ticket or being incorrect or as a result of an illegible Barcode or serial number not appearing on the Ticket.
  • It shall be the sole responsibility of the Player to verify at the time of purchase that the details and the price paid recorded on the Ticket are correct in terms of the Selection(s), number of Board(s), Draw date(s), and number of Draw(s) correspond with those marked on the Bet Slip or otherwise specified, and that a Serial Number and Barcode appear on the Ticket.
  • The Player shall be responsible for the safe custody of any PINK LOTTO Lottery Ticket. Failure to produce a Valid Winning Ticket on claiming a Prize may result in THE PINK LOTTO’s refusal to pay the Prize.
  • It is the Player’s responsibility to ensure that all the details as shown on the relevant electronic page (Internet or cellphone) are correct before confirming the purchase of any PINK LOTTO Lottery Game Ticket. It is the Player’s responsibility to check and ensure that their Game Ticket has been entered into the selected Draw. A Player should ensure the above. In the event where the Player fails to receive a confirmatory SMS and If no valid Ticket is received, then the Entry into that Draw is invalid.


Lost, damaged or torn Tickets

  • THE PINK LOTTO will assist a Player who reports a Valid Winning Ticket to be lost, damaged or torn, provided that the Player can provide enough information and/or evidence to validate their claim.
  • If the lost Ticket, of which the detail has been reported to THE PINK LOTTO, is recovered during the Claim Period, THE PINK LOTTO will investigate the claim in determining a bona fide ownership of the Ticket.
  • At the sole and absolute discretion of THE PINK LOTTO, under no circumstance can lost, damaged, forged or torn Ticket be paid out without approval from THE PINK LOTTO. Approval on such Ticket will require various details to be confirmed, including a full incident report and details relating to the Claimant / winner information and the Ticket.


Further to THE PINK LOTTO Game Rules:

  • THE PINK LOTTO will determine the time, frequency, date and method of the Draws for the Lottery Games.
  • The Winning Numbers from a draw will be deemed to be those confirmed by our independent auditors. Winning numbers will be available through our website, at points of sale, through our call center and other channels as identified by THE PINK LOTTO.
  • All Draws will be conducted in accordance with the Game Draw Rules and Procedures in the presence of an independent auditor.
  • In the event of any discrepancy, the Winning Numbers shall be those drawn and contained on a video recording of the Draw and confirmed/verified by an independent auditor.
  • In the event of any Draw being declared invalid, in accordance with the Draw Procedures applicable to it, another Draw will be conducted to determine the Winning Numbers in accordance with such Draw Procedures.
  • In the event of any Draw being interrupted due to equipment failure or for any other reason, the Draw will be completed in accordance with the applicable Draw Procedures for that Game.
  • In the event of the Draw not being able to take place on the date or at the time fixed, it shall take place as soon as reasonably practicable thereafter as per the Lotto Game Draw Procedures.
  • Only THE PINK LOTTO’s official results of the Draw will be valid in determining Prize payments.
  • THE PINK LOTTO shall have no obligation to make any payment against an incorrectly announced number/s at a Draw. In any event, correct Winning Number/s shall be those as referred to in point (d) above. In this regard, all errors and omissions are excepted by THE PINK LOTTO.


THE PINK LOTTO reserves the right to use the Player’s name and picture in public communications made concerning and relating to winners of the The PINK LOTTO games with the written or verbal consent of the Player.


For all the PINK LOTTO Lottery Games, Prizes must be claimed within the ordinary hours of business of the relevant RETAILER/AGENT authorized to pay Prizes, but in any event before the end of the Claim Period (30DAYS). Any such Prize not so claimed within the Claim Period will be forfeited. In any event, each Prize must be claimed within 30 days from the date of the Draw of which the ticket is valid for.


    There shall be no general right for any person to purchase a Ticket. However, no Ticket may be purchased by or Prize paid to:

  • Any Minor (person under 18 years of age) whether acting on his/her own or on behalf of another person.
  • Board of Directors of Mashonaland Turf Club or The Pink Lotto.
  • Board of Directors of the Lotteries & Gaming Board of Zimbabwe and members of their immediate families.
  • Board of Directors of The President’s Fund in Zimbabwe and members of their immediate families.
  • Any person precluded as such by law.
  • Such other persons or category of persons as Lotteries & Gaming Board of Zimbabwe MASHONALAND TURF CLUB, THE PINK LOTTO may determine from time to time.
  • If, notwithstanding 1 (a) above, a Prize is paid to a person in one of the groups set out in that Rule, such Prize shall be repayable by that person to THE PINK LOTTO immediately upon demand. THE PINK LOTTO or any Retailer/Agent, in its sole discretion, may refuse to sell Tickets to any person or persons without giving reasons. This may include circumstances in which, in its view, that person or persons are playing in a manner, which THE PINK LOTTO or the Retailer/Agent deems to be interfering with other Player’s reasonable access to that Game.
  • The player is responsible for claiming the full value of the Prize to which he/she is entitled to within the Claim Period.
  • The Player’s eligibility to win a Prize is subject to the Game’s claim Ticket Validation Requirements being met, in force from time to time.
  • The holder of a Winning Selection may win in only one Prize category per Entry in connection with the Winning Numbers drawn in each Draw and shall be entitled only to the Prize for the highest Prize category won by those numbers in each Draw (regardless of the actual Prize value).
  • Players are only allowed to win once per LINE completed.
  • Save as provided for herein, the right of any person to a Prize shall not be assignable.
  • Under no circumstances shall any Prize be payable by way of goods or services in lieu of cash or electronic transfer.


  • If the player chooses the correct six numbers, he/she wins a prize. If more than one person correctly predicts the numbers, the respective prize pool is shared. If the correct numbers are not predicted, the prize money accumulates for future games.
  • A Jackpot Prize Pool will be given for correctly predicting six numbers. Lesser prize pools will be given for correctly predicting five, four and three of the numbers respectively as well as a bonus number for each of these lesser levels.
  • All Prizes will be paid in accordance with the PINK LOTTO’s Prize Payout Procedures in force from time to time.
  • A Prize Claim Form must be completed by a Claimant who has won a Prize of $25 000rtgs greater.
  • Cash prizes of up to $100rtgs (where available), are payable by all Retailers/Agents. All Retailers/Agents have the discretion to pay up to $500 in cash (where available). Alternatively claimants can proceed to another Retailer/Agent or the PINK LOTTO Head Office.
  • Prize claims of $501rtgs and above are only payable at an authorized Prize Payment Centre (locations available at point of sale or via The PINK LOTTO’s Players’ Helpline or contact center) and Claimants must complete a Prize Claim Form (together with the submission of the required documents) and provide proof of identity.
  • Prizes of and greater than $25 000rtgs can only be paid in person to the Claimant or a duly authorized representative at The PINK LOTTO Head Office after completion of a Claim Form (together with the submission of the required documents) and an identity check being conducted.
  • The Pink Lotto reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to require the completion of a Prize Claim Form in any other case.
  • A Prize Claim Form must be completed in the name of one owner and must in all cases be accompanied by a Valid Winning Ticket.
  • All Prize Claim Forms shall be completed and signed by the owner of the relevant Valid Winning Ticket or by his/her duly authorized representative.
  • The Pink Lotto may refuse to process any payment if the relevant Prize Claim Form is incomplete or defective in any way.
  • If a Claimant is unable to complete a Prize Claim Form due to legal, physical, or other disability, a duly authorized representative of the Claimant shall complete and sign a Prize Claim Form on their behalf. The Prize Claim Form must state the name of the Claimant and the representative and describe the status of the signatory, if not the Claimant. The Pink Lotto reserves the right to request evidence of the capacity of a representative to claim on behalf of a Claimant.
  • If the person signing the Claim Form is a personal representative of the estate of a deceased Player, that person shall submit with the Claim Form and such documentation as The Pink Lotto shall, in its sole and absolute discretion, deem necessary and/or sufficient to properly establish such representative’s entitlement to receive the relevant Prize.
  • If a single Ticket contains multiple winning plays, each from separate Selections, the total Prize amount shall be paid in accordance with the Prize payment arrangements specified above.
  • Payment of the Prize to the person shown on the Prize Claim Form as the Claimant or his/her duly authorized representative shall fully and effectively discharge The Pink Lotto, its officers, directors, employees, representatives, contractors and any person, firm authorized by The Pink Lotto to pay Draw Prizes, from any further liability for payment of that Prize.
  • A person who signs a Prize Claim Form shall be deemed to have represented that they are lawfully entitled to the Prize and the information contained therein is accurate, true, correct and complete, and indemnifies The Pink Lotto against any costs, losses, damages and expenses which The Pink Lotto may suffer or incur with respect to the Entry or payment of the Prize as a result of any misrepresentation.
  • In the event of any inconsistency in the information submitted on the Prize Claim Form and/or shown on the Ticket, or for any other reason at its complete discretion, The Pink Lotto may investigate and withhold all winnings which may be due to the Claimant until such time as the Claimant satisfies The Pink Lotto that s/he is the proper person to whom the Prize should be paid.

    An original/valid Ticket shall be the only valid proof for participation in The Pink Lotto Lottery Games and shall be the only valid instrument for claiming a Prize.

    Before a Prize may be paid on any The Pink Lotto Lottery Ticket, it must first be validated according to the above stated validation procedures. The Pink Lotto’s decision regarding a lottery Tickets’ validity shall be final and binding.

    The Pink Lotto shall be entitled to declare a Lottery Ticket invalid, and accordingly shall not authorize payment of any Prize, if:

    • The Lottery Ticket in whole or in part or fails to pass The Pink Lotto’s confidential Ticket Validation Requirements and/or security tests.
    • The Barcode or Serial Number of an apparent winning Lottery Ticket does not appear on The Pink Lotto's official list of Barcode/Serial Numbers of the winning Ticket.
    • A Valid Winning Ticket with that Barcode/Serial Number has been paid previously.
    • The Ticket does not appear on The Pink Lotto's list of the Lottery Tickets issued for Entry to the Game, as kept on the Central Computer System.
    • The Lottery Ticket is mutilated, altered, unreadable, incomplete or tampered with in any manner.
    • The National Lottery Ticket was not sold or issued in an authorized manner.
    • The ticket number of an apparently winning entry does not appear on the revealed Ticket.
    • The Play symbols and captions, Ticket validation number or any other unique feature of the ticket does not correspond precisely with the artwork held on file by The Pink Lotto in respect of tickets for the Game whereby it Reveals the Ticket is defective and/or mis-printed, in whole or in part.
    • In any of the above cases, the Player will be required to file a Claim Form with The Pink Lotto.
    • A Claimant shall be entitled to claim only the highest tier of Prize for which the validated Ticket is eligible and not any lesser Prize category or any otherwise unclaimed Prize in the Draw or Prize Pool.


    • Neither The Pink Lotto nor any Retailer/Agent shall be responsible or liable to any person claiming any loss or damage, including but not limited to, telephone costs, travel costs, interest of whatever nature on a Ticket. The Pink Lotto shall not be liable to pay any loss or damage incurred by any person on any winnings in respect of any period during which security or other relevant checks or enquiries are in process regarding any Ticket presented for payment by a Claimant, or during any period in which a dispute relating to the validity of a Ticket or a claim has not been resolved.
    • If The Pink Lotto, in its absolute and sole discretion, believes that the bearer of a Ticket presented for payment or a person whose name, Identity number or address has been entered on the reverse side of the winning Ticket or who has completed a Claim Form is not the rightful owner thereof or lawfully entitled thereto, it shall be entitled to withhold payment of any Prize winnings for a period of up to 365 days after the relevant Draw or purchase date, pending the outcome of all appropriate checks and enquiries being conducted. The Pink Lotto’s decision will be final and binding.
    • The Pink Lotto shall not be liable to make payments of any Prize on a Ticket, which it knows or suspects has been resold or otherwise transferred by way of trade.
    • In no event shall The Pink Lotto or Retailer/Agent be liable for indirect, special or consequential loss or damage.
    • The contents hereof are proprietary to The Pink Lotto in all material respects.
    • The singular includes the plural, as the context may require.


    The Pink Lotto’s decision as to whether or not a Ticket is a Valid Winning Ticket or in respect of any other matter or dispute arising from the payment or awarding or non-payment or non-awarding of Prizes shall be final and binding upon all Participants and any other person or persons having any interest in the matter or dispute.


    All contents hereof shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Zimbabwe and the all parties to which the Rules applies hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

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